Let’s Play Pokémon Infinite Fusion Part 3: Beating Off a Hard and Happy Snake

Welcome back to Kanto! You join us here in the building that separates Viridian Forest from Route 2. This lady here is a Move Tutor who will teach a Pokémon the move Fury Cutter for 200 dollars. Fury Cutter is a bad move, so we do not take her up on her offer.

Viridian Forest is pretty much the same as it always is, but with the addition of mushrooms and in some places, spider webs. The mushrooms will give us various fungi-themed items (some of which we will need in Pewter City) and the spiderwebs have a chance of being a Pokémon battle.

The mushrooms turn out to be PoisonMushrooms a depressing amount of the time. They are useless for anything except selling, and you’ll end up with a ton of them if you go mushroom hunting.

These spiderwebs can have Ledyba and Spinarak in them, so this is a nice place to get some non-Kanto Pokémon.

Our first trainer in Viridian Forest is this dude!

Way to go Youngster Sean, you’ve merged one harmless Pokémon with another harmless Pokémon. This doublebug monstrosity goes down in a few Quick Attacks and nets Hamnpork a nice level up and the Bite move.

Just past the battle is a hidden stash of Pecha Berries. We can also get Pecha Berries from webs. For reference, Pecha Berries are items that Pokémon can use to cure their own Poison status in battle if they happen to get afflicted with the ailment.

As you can see, this map is very reminiscent of the original Viridian Forest, but it is far more condensed, with smaller stretches of path and smaller patches of long grass.

Okay, so far so normal. I’m leading with a currently unnamed Cybele (I screwed up trying to think of a new name for her) as she will decimate most any bug with Peck.

I don’t know what I expected.

It’s adorable though. The Bug Catcher’s third Pokémon was just a second Caterpie.

After Viridian Forest I end up with two TinyMushrooms, which is very heartening to me for reasons you will find out shortly.

There’s some new areas over to the right of the forest that can’t be accessed until we have Cut. Yes, there’s still some reliance on HMs in this game, however it’s not all that bad – for each HM move there exists a Key Item that replaces it entirely. We’ll be getting these as soon as we can because honestly, fuck HMs.

This trainer has some cute Pokémon.

Cute but incredibly weak.

Because you’ve fused weak Pokémon with weak Pokémon! And they’re level 6! Honestly.

So this guy is one of the trainers who doesn’t just want a rematch after their battle. We won’t actually be doing any of these probably, as even with relaxed requirements like this one we’re more likely to have already encountered and caught a Pokémon in the wild in that area.

We’ll definitely have to come back here for these enticing, forbidden areas.

Ah, the rare female Bug Catcher.

With an appropriately cute Pokémon to boot. My theory is that slapping Caterpie’s or Weedle’s face onto a Pokémon is a one-step easy method to making something adorable.

Unfortunately this is still Route 2, so no new Pokémon today. We’ll just head on up to Pewter City and explore some new additions to the place.

Pewter City has this nice traditional aesthetic that reminds me of town centres that I’ve been to on rural holidays in England.

Some of the NPCs here have interesting things to say.

Pokémon Infinite Fusion has a very cool Wonder Trade system, which allows you to trade a limited number of Pokémon depending on your badge count in order to get a totally random Pokémon back in return. In the official games the Pokémon you get is from another trainer somewhere in the world, but here the Pokémon is an auto-generated one.

I might have some fun with this in the postgame just to show it off.

Hotels are another new thing, and most cities have one. Viridian City didn’t.

Hotels serve two purposes. Firstly, they allow you to progress the time very quickly for a small fee. You can progress the time by 6, 12 or 24 hours, which is useful for completing tasks that require a day’s waiting. The second purpose of the hotels is to serve as quest hubs!

On the second floor of every hotel you can find this man, who serves as an explanation of the quest system. He also gives you a Quest Journal where you can keep track of your quests. Finally, he will give you gifts whenever you complete a certain number of quests.

The people who have quests for us are all huddled in one room together, weirdly. I like to think of them as a couple and their son.

Chef: I want to make some wild mushroom stew, but I’m afraid to go into Viridian forest to pick them because of wild Pokémon. Would you mind helping me out? I’ll give you something in return to make it worth your while!


Chef: Fantastic! To make my stew, I’d need: 3 TinyMushrooms. I’m counting on you!

This is why I was thrilled to get 2 TinyMushrooms on my first pass through Viridian Forest. When I played a few hours to test this game, it took me around 10 goes through the forest picking every mushroom I could find to get 3 TinyMushrooms.

Well I’m not saying it can’t be done but that’s a tall ask.

Bug Enthusiast: Could you please show me fully-evolved Bug-type Pokémon? I’ll give you something cool if you do!

This quest totally hinges on us finding a bug-type Pokémon and training it up.

Youngster: I lost my Revive while sitting on a bench earlier and I’m worried sick! I’ll never be able to defeat Brock without it! Please… Won’t you help me find it?


Youngster: Oh, thank you so much! I’ve been sitting on so many benches today, so I don’t know on which one I lost it… But it’s gotta be somewhere in Pewter City for sure! I’m counting on you!

Well those are the quests we have access to right now, and we can complete two of them quite quickly. So before we take on Brock, let’s do that!

First of all though we’re going to pay for a night at the hotel. The mushrooms in Viridian Forest respawn every 24 hours, so we’re going to keep spending nights here until we find the final TinyMushroom we need.

Before we head into the forest though, we find the youngster’s Revive quite easily. Just up above us there is the Pewter City museum: we’ll have a look at that next time. The man on the bench is interesting too:

This man appears throughout the world and will give us flutes when we show him the badge of the respective town he’s in at the moment. These range from quite useful to quite useless, but it’s always worth seeking out some free stuff!

It took 2 trips, but we have our third TinyMushroom! Let’s hand in our spoils.

Chef: You did!? Oh you’re the best! Thank you so much! Now, as a token of my gratitude, I want you to have this:

This will fetch us a lot of money down the road.

Youngster: You did!? Woah! Thank you so much! Brock will be a cakewalk with this item! Here, please accept this as a thank you gift!

We got our first TM! This one is Frustration, which frustratingly is quite useless for us.

Now that we’ve helped some people:

We get this. It’s not the best gift, but probably will be useful in this game as my memory of Rock Tunnel may not be accurate to the mapping here.

Time to take on the first gym!

Talking to the guy at the front of the gym gets us the usual spiel about the gym’s typing, and also a Fresh Water which was a neat thing added in the later games in the series.

There are two trainers in this gym, and first up is this girl.

Something troubling I found here was that Vine Whip wasn’t exactly doing much damage at all, the foes here have quite bulky Defence stats and my Attack stat could be a lot better. Still though, the rocky rodent goes down.

[NerdGlasses] but lightyears are a measurement of distance and Brock is right there [/NerdGlasses]

That is one grumpy-looking caterpillar.

Sleep Powder replaces Hypnosis as the former is significantly more accurate.

Double Kick makes short work of the neckless rocky-shrew.

Time to take on the main course. But before that, I have decided to do some renaming.

Here’s the current state of Team Ryan. I think Valefor is a nice name for the team’s ace, and while Hamnpork was a suitable name for a Rattata and a nice Pratchett reference, I think something more pleasant suits my Nidotata. Peach will remain Peach until she gets fused.

Brock: I believe in Rock hard defence and determination! That’s why my Pokémon are all the Rock-type! Do you still want to challenge me? Fine then! In Gym battles, you are only allowed to use as many Pokémon as the Gym Leader. Since this is your first Gym badge, I will be using two Pokémon for this battle. Please choose the Pokémon you wish to use for our battle.

Yeah, so this is new. It’s definitely meant to throw you for a loop but it also gives the gym leader’s some sorely needed difficulty.

As lovely as she is, Peach would not stand a chance.

If you thought that Gym Leaders wouldn’t be using fusions, you thought wrong. And Geogey is quite a nasty starter to the fight. Pidgey adds a Flying type to Brock’s Geodude which negates its weakness to both Fighting and Grass, the two types that we have a counter to Rock.

It uses Rock Tomb and Gust, both of which would be lethal to Valefor, so April May takes on the rocky bird in a war of attrition that it by all rights should have lost – I had to use a few Potions to keep her alive.

This missed Rock Tomb is a wonderful thing.

This is exactly what it sounds like. Since the enemy is going to be 4x weak against Grass moves, I feel confident about bringing Valefore to the battle.


Sleep Powder + Leech Seed was probably a little overkill.

Case in point. Not a bad fight, by any metric.

Nobody can learn this yet.

As we try to leave, we’re accosted by this trainer who congratulates us, which is a nice touch.

Before we end the update, we’ll catch up with this guy, hereby dubbed Flute Dude.

This handy thing lowers the encounter rate for an area, which can be quite useful if you don’t have the money for Repels.

Next time, we’ll explore the museum here before taking on Mt. Moon and doing some more fusing! Until then:

Goodbye from the team!

Post-Update Summary

No new Pokémon or fusions today! Wait until next time!

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