Let’s Play Pokémon Infinite Fusion Part 12: Ooky Spooky Kooky Pookémon

Last time on Infinite Fusion we suffered quite a nasty loss to the team. Today, we’re exploring the absolutely-definitely-haunted Lavender Town. Quite apropos if you ask me.

Gold is a tempting reason to do crime.

We can pay $5000 for this Egg! I don’t know what this is, but my guess is a Wynaut. Simply because you can find a Wynaut egg in Hoenn.

Lavender Town remains the absolute height of normalcy. This game makes the place even more creepy, which is quite the accomplishment.

I do think the idea of a whole tower as a graveyard is weird. Unless all Pokémon are cremated instead of buried. Which is a sad thought.

He tells us to come back in the evening for a different stone. There’s no hotel in Lavender Town so without Teleporting to another city, we’ll have to actually wait a while to get what will inevitably be a Moon Stone. Or maybe a Dusk Stone.

Lady: …eerie vibe. It inspired me to create this move called Ominous Wind.

Another Move Tutor. I actually take her up on her offer and teach this to Peregrine, as some coverage will be useful for him.

Now that you can rename your Pokémon in the menu, this guy serves little to no purpose.

He can now actually rate the nicknames of your Pokémon though, and I really don’t know why this is a thing. This does remind me to do something though:

Moving on.

This is Mr. Fuji’s house.

We’re told that he’s in the Pokémon Tower, but we could have seen that coming of course.

Everything in this town is awful.

Even the TMs make me frown.

This will be for summoning some legendary or rare Pokémon, no doubt. My guess at this moment in time is Spiritomb.

Well then, let’s take on the tower!

Goodness, this place is sombre.

Heading up to the second floor and we’re accosted immediately.

Wow, what the fuck Rhys

Ever the tactless ape, we’re thrust into a fight. This one goes really well!

He’s fused his Pidgeotto with a Cubone and it looks pretty badass. It uses Rage a few times, letting April May set up Swords Dance in safety. Bonemerang comes out to take us down to half health and we use Hyper Fang to take it out in one hit. +6 Attack is fantastic.

Weak to Dark and physical attacks? Next.

Weak to Dark and physical attacks? Next.

Rhys’s new Gyarados fell so quickly I didn’t even get a chance to screenshot it, and Warmeleon also went down to one Hyper Fang.

Hah, stinker.

Looks like we’ll be facing something fused with a Gengar later on in the game.

Suddenly our conversation is interrupted by this new event!

Rhys leads us over to the next set of stairs.

Team Rocket: You were at Silph Co. when it was being developed. We know you have the plans! Let’s go! We have ways to make you talk, old man…

The Rockets force Mr. Fuji upstairs for what sounds like actual torture…

Rhys: If it weren’t for all those ghosts. I think they’re really Pokémon, but I don’t think I can get past them without a Silph Scope.

Rhys then tells us about seeing some Rocket members at Celadon City, giving us a nice clue as to our next destination. This is more than the originals give us and it’s actually quite refreshing to see the storyline fleshed out in a natural way.

He also gives us a classic “Smell ya later.”

Before heading to Celadon, we’ll explore the route to the south a little.

Only Fishermen here, so Valefor is my chosen lead.

Flail does a lot of damage when Razor Leaf just barely fails to OHKO.

Magikarp fusions are utterly cursed.

Talking to this guy gets us this nice get. It’s our second but it’s nice to have spares.

I love the Shears.

This will be useful for whoever learns Mega Drain or Giga Drain next – I’m assuming Peregrine.

Double weak to Grass, but double strong against Looking Good. Honestly, this is horrific. Sleep paralysis demon looking fuck.

The Snorlax sprite looks pretty nice. And that looks like Janine, Koga’s daughter, there!

Now onto Celadon! Oh look, it’s getting dark outside.

Called it.

I really do have to agree.

Weirdly, Ditto transforms successfully but its sprite doesn’t change. I manage to take it down with super-effective Pecks though.

Wigglyfairy goes down to some Magnet Bombs and Ketchup earns an important level up!

A beautiful nightmare.

Easy peasy.

Somehow I don’t think that’s accurate.

Magnitude is awesome, when it rolls high.

That is the opposite of an orb.

Let’s see what this route has in store for us.

Oh, hello. A wild fusion! Time to catch something utterly cool!

This will surely end up quite useful in Celadon!

Yes, you do.

Vulgey here has a disgusting name, and Confuse Ray causes me no end of annoyance.

This thing is HIGH.

What an awful Pokémon.

A single crit Electro Ball almost makes this the third update in a row with a death.

This single trainer has a lot of cool Pokémon.

I love the Charmeleon colour scheme here.

I run into this double battle on the way back to Lavender to heal.

Cute Pokémon. Demented, but cute.

This thing is bulky. Luckily I take it down before it manages to off any of my Pokémon.

This Beauty loves Meowth.

This is quite horrendous.

Wow, bit much dude.

Making a Manmer feels like a war crime.

Grimer fusions are so unsettling. This one uses Minimise a lot and is an absolute pain to take down.

This adorable pupper is quite frail, and goes down to April May quite handily.

This Gambler is pretty easy to take down, but I had to show this thing off. This design is hypnotising. The Gambler also has a little Blackjack minigame after you beat him – winning gets you a Rare Candy but you can only play once.

This dude is definitely into magic mushrooms.

I pick up a Big Nugget on this underground which is nice.

Route 7! New Pokémon time!

Two wild fusions in a row! Oddkrow is absolutely a fantastic name too.

Quite fitting, I think. I might train her up for the next gym.

We have now reached Celadon City. This one will probably be quite a doozy so we’ll end the update here, but not before having a very quick look at the expanded Route 7. Healing up first of course.

We’re taking our new fusions out for a spin to try and get some Exp, though they are sorely underleveled at the moment.

Sandsaur is a pretty nice looking Pokémon, but Valefor is better.

Glooreon manages to be an absolute terror, being bulky and hard hitting. Tiny doesn’t stand a chance so I switch her out immediately.

Dota is a very stressful PC game, but also a very weak foe.

Route 7 is probably the biggest change in the game so far. What used to be just a patch of grass has become a full route with trainers and something unique. I love this way the game expands on the older, outdated designs.

I teach this to Citizen Snips, who is also here for a trip. The vending machine next to him has Fresh Water, Soda Pop and Lemonade as per usual. I buy a few of each since healing is always welcome.

This fusion however is not welcome.

And oh they will. Because they are also trainers! And I’m gonna rinse them!

Tiny is frail.

This is uh… probably an ill-advised fusion.

I thought these two preschoolers who keep pacing together would be a double battle, but they’re not.

The first has a very adorably Pikachu/Porygon fusion. Beating it with Phantom earns me an important level!

That headpiece is to die for.

This is very much not the strongest ever. It goes down quickly.

Beating all of this teacher’s kids nets us the TM for Echoed Voice which is a nice move! And with that, we’re taking a break.

Post-Update Summary

Clearing out two and half routes of trainers is a nice way to spend an update, and we explored the very atmospheric Lavender Town. Other than that, two new interesting catches and a mystery egg are nice additions to the team. Next time we’ll start exploring the gargantuan Celadon City.

New Pokémon

Only fusions this time!
Route 8: Tiny the Vulth
Route 7: Phantom the Oddkrow

New Fusions

Vulpix + Mewoth = Vulth
Oddish + Murkrow = Oddkrow
Oddkrow (Oddish + Murkrow) evolved into Glookrow (Gloom + Murkrow)
Magneans (Magmemite + Ekans) evolved into Magnebok (Magmemite + Arbok)

Death Counter

Asterius the Meowlett
Yuri the Togebra

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