Let’s Play Pokémon Infinite Fusion Part 20: Trainer Gauntlet DX

Today we begin in Route 12, the place where we fought some fishermen some ways back.

Coming from the west (Vermillion City) we can talk to Janine Ajnin before taking on that Snorlax, which coincidentally will be the first Pokémon we fight in this route. Funny, that. It’s almost like we planned it.

Have you tried a flute? What? What do you mean ‘what kind of fucking stupid question is that?’

Looks like we’ve done a little sequence breaking. Turns out Ajnin here doesn’t have any dialogue for coming here after we’ve already been to Lavender Town.

PokéFlute play despacito

Snorlax no like latin rhythms

Caledfwlch like critical hitting the important Pokémon. Fuck.

At least we have some gratitude here. This is the first time I’ve not caught an area’s Pokémon. Looks like we’re going hungry until we get to the next place.

We’ve heard about you, don’t worry.

Met him, beat him, got the badge.

Let’s explore the rest of Route 12! This update is going to be finishing off the routes around Saffron City, and next update we’ll finally tackle that huge mess.

Fisherman: …submerge you!

Elliot with one T leads with a Poliwag and I realise that I’m going to be vastly overleveled for this update. But for completionism’s sake, I’m going to speed through all the trainers to see their lovely little nightmares.

I will still never get over this goofy fucker.

This is Elliot’s only fusion. It’s… meh. We’ve  seen worse, but it’s not winning any beauty contests soon.

With that battle over with, let’s see if we still get the Good Rod here.

Fisherman: I’m, the Fishing Guru’s brother. I simply looooooooooove to fish!

Yep, same old. We tell him that we also like fishing and:

As a bonus, this dude has a new use in this game.

The easily accessible rare balls in this game are a fresh take – they’re only in a few places but they’re in shops instead of randomly acquired or in limited amounts. This is absolutely how it should be in the official games.

Now exactly here is where an idea struck me.

Reversed. It’s slower and a bit weaker but I don’t care. I’m keeping it. Fiero got a well-needed makeover.

Just checking – no items, just some Oddish.

Next trainer GO.

It really does seem that a disproportionate amount of trainers lead with an unfused Pokémon before diving into their stocks of horrible animals.

Example, this thing.

Here we also get a look at my current setup for DFS. This monstrosity won’t be winning any prizes for offensive powers anytime soon, so my plan is to use her as a setup Pokémon. The plan is to focus on Toxic Spikes and then depending on how healthy she is, set up and Iron Defence which she’ll Baton Pass to a more capable sweeper. I hope I can actually use this technique one day.

Let’s see what ya got!

Is there anything sadder than a Magikarp over level 20?

Yes, it turns out.

This might have been a wildcard with a high Speed but uh… Outrage.

Um, did you not see me make sashimi with Andrew’s army of fish?

These are pretty cool fusions. The first one is just so slightly different from usual that is causes a bit of a double take.

Heading further south and we’re in a completely new Route, which means a new chance at catching a Pokémon! Unfortunately, this won’t be a Snorlax.

I hate this.

I hate this even more.

I despise this.

Get wrekt, fucko.

Pretty cool fusion. Still goes down easily. As you can see, the trainer levels have boosted up a little. They’re still not a challenge, but we get better EXP payouts from them.


I’m feeling very underwhelmed by this update so far, have you got anything cool to see?

I quite like these. Charow is a really stylish sprite, I think.

A quick surf to get this~

please mr, the volume

Not even slightly challenging. All the damage Rhapsody took was from the quick birds encountered in the last battle – Rhapsody is SLOW.

As many others have, Route 13 has had a significant makeover! It’s now a sunny beach.

Interacting with the shell gets a Pearl. If you interact with the sandcastle, you’ll kick it over. This doesn’t seem like much, but if you remember an earlier update I said that in order to encounter Mew, you have to be considered a ‘good person’ by the game by completing quests and being nice. Kicking over sandcastles makes you a bad person, and you have to be more of a bad person than a good person to encounter a totally different Legendary Pokémon.

I mean, she’s not wrong – this is adorable.

This will be very useful. Not that I’m suffering for healing items, but free PP refills are fantastic in long gauntlets like this.

She has the usual, generic ‘pink supportive Pokémon’ roster.

Her ace however looks cool and is bulky enough to weather two Surfs from Carol before going down.


Very cool sprite. Very weak Pokémon. Moving on:

Let’s see if we can at least catch one new member of the team today.

I don’t mind a Weepinbell.

Welcome to the team, noted philosopher.

Heading to the west, we’re closing in on Fuschia City again now.

What a moody little thing. I love the colour scheme though.

Not terrible gets!

This Route is a completionist’s nightmare – it’s such a slog. Let’s turn the speed up a little.

Nidotto didn’t stand a chance against Psyshock. You may be seeing a lot of quite optimal moves on my team at the moment. Between updates I spent some time looking at TMs and paid a visit to the Move Reminder at Vermillion City to make sure I had the best moves I could.

Pokémon is not a verb and your pun-based Pokémon is eye-rollingly awful. You are a bad NPC and you should feel bad.

Prepare for more puns.



Severely outclassed at this point. Also note both the marshy theme of Route 14 and the boundary bug that we’ve encountered a few times before. Lots going on in this screenshot.

This Pokémon is shaped like a friend.

10/10 sprite.

This trainer is only fought if you talk to her, she won’t challenge you if you get in her line of sight.

Making a Qwilfish adorable is quite the accomplishment.

Don’t worry kid, I’m not gonna knock it over.

I don’t have anything to say. We’ve had a lot of pink Pokémon this update haven’t we?

Talking to this lady gets us a Sun Stone. She says that she picked it up in a foreign land but it doesn’t work on any Pokémon she has. We could very well end up using it later.

Can’t say I’m fond of this move, but it’s always handy to have all the TMs.

Just a few trainers left in Route 13!

Welp, the man knows what he likes.

If I had to rate these sprites, I’d go in reverse order. Squirto is easily the best and Pikato is begging to be euthanised.

Not bad. I still need to start using these.

We’re almost getting to Route 14, but let’s chat with this dude first.

Rhyhorn Trainer: We’re trying to get to the beach, but Rhyhorn is deathly afraid of the water. It won’t go anywhere near it! If only I had a Pokémon with the move Strength… Then I could push it all the way over there…

This is very obviously a hint to come back once we have Strength. Now where is Strength? That’s something we’re going to need soon.

Right, this update is getting a bit long and I don’t think we have the steam to power through another Route. I say we, I mean me. I’m tired.

Next time we’ll take on the new marshy Route 14, fight some trainers and maybe catch a new team mate. See you then!

Post-Update Summary

Not exactly much progress here, but it’s nice to take out some Pokémon and clear out two routes at once. Weepinbell is a nice catch, too!

New Pokémon

Route 13: Pascal the Weepinbell

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