Let’s Play Pokémon Infinite Fusion Part 21: The Uncursed Update

Today’s update is brought to you by the NieR: Automata soundtrack. Go listen, it’s on Spotify!

We are of course starting in Route 14, a place which holds so many trainers to face and fusions to come to terms with.

Let’s just dive right into battle! Get used to seeing Bird Keepers today.

The Shell Bell works quite well with Pokémon who like recoil moves. April May can use Double-Edge and only take a fraction of the recoil damage thanks to this little beauty.

Starting off quite strong on the curse-o-meter.

This one looks really good though. If I didn’t already know what a Flareon looked like this could well be a modern Pokémon.

Let’s be havin’ ya then.

This Pokémon is fantastic. 10 out of 10 in all categories. Well, apart from survivability. It goes down to a Smack Down, as do many of the birds in this update.

I’m going to guess… fighting Pokémon mixed with yet another bird. Also, a ‘strict workout training’? QC, QC please!!

Bingo. I really quite like this. The two leeks being swords now is an inspired artistic choice.

One of the few static enemy Pokémon sprites that isn’t a community-contributed piece, this looks like something the game would throw up when I fused something together, unfortunately.

Which one? I’ve caught like… all of them (in different games shush).

This is not legendary this is just scary. And also goes down to a single Psyshock.

Nice get. If we ever use Rain Dance strats, the Damp Rock will make the weather last a lot longer.

I tried to look for a new Pokémon here for quite a while, but came up short. We have caught and recorded every single Pokémon available in the grass on this route – a mix of Pidgey, Bellsprout, Oddish, Venonat and Grimer lines.

Ditto fishing – it turns out the game doesn’t actually have any encounter data for fishing in this route, so we will never be able to fish something up here. Huh.

Surfing for a bit however, grants us this:

Welp, we have a Psyduck now. We are getting quite overloaded with Water-types aren’t we? Anyway, back to the trainers.

I’ll give you three guesses what weakling they’re packing in reserve.

Alas, the ugliest of them all.

You can see the beginnings of a Rock Smash encounter here – don’t worry, it was only a Geodude.

Now as you can see we have two routes to explore towards the west, top and bottom. We’re taking the top first.

Very important note: This is now Route 15. They really packed them all in here didn’t they? This update might not reach Saffron… The things I do to show off all the fusions I can!

Like this one! I have precisely 0 belief that this thing stays up in the air with physics and there must be some latent psychic powers rattling through its fat head.

Moving slightly on and we reach the northern parts of the Route. This girl here paces back and forth, stopping sometimes to look up and down.

I may be gentle but have you seen April May? He’ll fuck you up.


I kinda like Kadatler. From the neck down it’s a perfect sprite, I just hate the face. My favourite part though? The spoons in the antlers – fantastic attention to detail.

This is an item that damages the holder but can be transferred by contact moves. I don’t this is very useful at all.

This might be a roadblock, but…

Inadequate mapping lets us Surf in that square of water next to the boulders! I am not sure whether this is intentional or not.

This is Return. This would be slightly weaker on April May but wouldn’t have recoil damage. Then again, if I replace Double Edge with Return that makes it easier to give the Shell Bell to someone else. I’ll think on it.

Teleport feels more stylish.

Apart from Squirtrow (horrible) here, this fight has not much of note.

New location alert!

Looks like your run of the mill dusty old hovel with a secret passage that the main character wouldn’t be able to see but the player can see because the player has a top-down view~

Seems like the place is abandoned. I searched for a while for a hidden switch or secret book but found no way of accessing the staircase behind the bookcases. I predict this will be a story location or a sidequest location in the future.

Heading back to the southern half of the route, we hop over the ledge here to gain access to some convenient healing.

A very adorable lil’ thing with a beautiful colour scheme. I approve.

Yes please I am so out of PP.

Criminal scum?

Cool Pokémon. Charlee is my favourite. If I had one I’d name it XCX and that’s why you should be glad I don’t have a Charlee.

Psyshock, bitch.

Black Dratini looks damn awesome, but those goofy bird heads ruin all the cool factor this Pokémon managed to scramble together.

Uh oh, I don’t like where this is going.

All this for a fart joke. I’d rather face a Dragonite please.

Amazing sprite. And probably quite a powerful Pokémon too! It just turns out that Psyshock is the gift that keeps on giving. And the gift that it gives is a one-hit KO.

I’ve always wondered what an Aroma Lady actually is. Are they ladies who have been suckered in by multi-level marketing schemes? Do they hit up their old friends from school on PokéBook and try to sell them essential oils that are scientifically* proven to cure PokéCancer?

Oh no they just like flowers

Damn straight

This is a great fusion! It’s a Bulbasaur/Weezing fusion that adds a whole new dimension to the fusion – it’s greater than the sum of its parts. Yeah it’s just a recoloured Parasect husk when all is said and done but it gets the point across.

Another cool Weezing fusion! I was worried about Explosion here, as Fiero’s Psyshock didn’t manage to one-shot it despite being super-effective thanks to Omazing’s hefty bulk.

Speaking of Psyshock:

It is quite the heavy lifter of a move, so I thought it was well-deserving of a PP Max.

I have only now noticed the Krookodile on the back of the Roughnecks’ jackets.

The eyes look so SHOCKED. Hah, geddit? Shocked?

This pathway might look like one of those from other games where you must use a specific bike to travel along them, but you can just walk it.

Of course, the clown won’t simply let you past.

The toll is worth it though, these are also cool sprites. Who ever saw such an angry looking Pikachu head, and having Raichu’s Thunderstone set into the middle Raimime’s body is a wonderful little piece of attention to detail. This update has been full of great artwork. A stark difference to our usual fare.

This TM is Sludge Bomb, a very nice Poison-type move without many superiors.

Again, I tried to find a new Pokémon thanks to this place being a new area… alas, after checking the encounter data, I have caught every possible Pokémon encounter here, or a member of their lines. This will forever remain a dead route for us. And with that, we are (temporarily, I think) done with this place.

The gatehouse to Fuschia City does have one little thing to go get.

It’s not this little bit of chatter, it’s something far better.

Fantastic! Now, I’m not sure exactly how this is going to divvy up the EXP, but we’re gonna whack this on and leave it on for the rest of the game. The grinding sessions in this game are heinous and any way to speed them up is appreciated.

And stay like that.

No, your name is Ajnin.

So this is where we get Strength now! I’m very glad I came here.

Well, good news! You will! And you’ll be piss easy to beat in every iteration of your tenure!

Those two routes took up more time than I’d care to let on, so we’re going to end this update by using Strength to solve a few little previously-known roadblocks!

The first of which will be this Rhyhorn here!

Talking to the blackbelt gets us the same dialogue up until this part.

This quest is… annoying.

Every few seconds the Rhyhorn moves of its own volition. You can only actually move it yourself by pressing the Confirm button whilst next to it, like the other Strength boulders in this game.

Before we head all the way around the Route, I’ll just pick this up…

And begin the arduous (eh, it took me like 4 minutes tops) journey to push this big hunk of rock around all of these obnoxious fences which seem to be arranged just to make this quest a total ballache.

Lots of waiting around while the Rhyhorn is stuck in corners but we’re on the home stretch now!

I can’t imagine how frustrating it would have been to take on this quest before taking care of all the enemy trainers.

The blackbelt just… hops over. Like it’s nothing.

Um, what?

Excuse me?


That makes far more sense.

Right then. Before we take on the rest of the Strength puzzles with this new bit of industrial equipment in my backpack, we have a fusion to take care of!

We caught Weepinbell last update, and Psyduck today. Let’s see what they make!

This is really cute actually, I really like it. However, this might turn out to be a sad eventuality, as I have deemed the reverse fusion to be a superior choice. It has quite a lot more Attack at the cost of just a little bit of Speed. And let’s face it, none of these fusions are optimal in the Speed department, despite it being pretty much the most important stat in the game.

Let’s see our actual choice.

I am totally in love with this goofy, janky motherfucker.

A flycatcher duck after my own heart.

All that fusing happened after a quick jaunt to Vermillion, which ended up being the nearest city. Now we’re taking Phantom out for a spin as our flier to speed to the next Strength ‘puzzles’!

This is north of Cerulean City.

Meh, Telekinesis is… okay.

Back to Mt. Moon for a group of Strength boulders we saw about 15 updates ago!

This is a very simple process.

Remember this place? It’s where we found the Clefairy that one time and got our first Moon Stone!

This is a fantastic attacking move for any Fairy-type Special Attacker! I’ll definitely make use of this. Peach will adore it.

And now we’re going to take on Saffron City, finally… next time. This update is already long enough.

Post-Update Summary

We got some nice loot today, and saw some nice fusions to boot! Not to mention getting another crucial HM that we could have quiet easily missed, I’d say we’re quite ready to face the next big story beat. Until next time!

New Pokémon

Route 14: Bamba the Psyduck

New Fusions:

Weepinbell + Psyduck = Psybell

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