Purchase early access to my novel ‘You are an android’ on Ko-fi!

Thank you for clicking this link! If this sort of self-promotion isn’t your bag, please ignore!

In a rare moment of self-promotion, I have decided to just write a short thing here about something I’m trying out: early access novel sharing! I’ve been eagerly beavering away at a story that I am feeling very positive about. I’m finding writing quite a lonely experience, compounded by the trials of being unemployed during a worldwide pandemic, but it’s something that keeps me busy, and I’m really loving it.

In a similar vein to Steam’s Early Access platform for currently unfinished videogames, I have used Ko-fi.com to put up early access to a few chapters of You are an android, a romantic sci-fi story set against the backdrop of civil war with LGBT+ leads. At the moment, the first four chapters are available, comprising roughly 55 pages in crisp PDF form. I’m doing this for three reasons:

  1. Money is, predictably, a limited resource for a disabled dude during COVID-19.
  2. Sharing my writing makes me happy, I truly love being able to entertain people with something I’ve written.
  3. I am so eager to get feedback on what is ultimately my first proper, actual foray into writing a full story!

If by any chance you find yourself intrigued, you can find the Ko-fi shop page here. Early Access costs £3 and as further chapters are completed to a standard I’m happy with they will be added to the folder of PDFs, which you will have permanent access to at no extra cost.

Thank you so much,

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