Control – An In-Depth Review

Control is a game that I initially wasn’t very interested in. I had only seen some clips of gameplay and some heavily contrasted screenshots and it looked like a generic third-person shooter. It was the high regard paid to it by friends plus the convenient timing of its appearance as a free monthly game on … More Control – An In-Depth Review

Eight Pieces of Videogame Music You Should Listen To

Videogame music is a crucially underrated ‘genre’ of music that often gets overlooked. Personally, I listen to it when I need to concentrate, or when I’m playing multiplayer games with my fiancé, or just when I want to read with some background music. I’m more of a collector than a connoisseur, take a look at the … More Eight Pieces of Videogame Music You Should Listen To

Kingdom Hearts III

So it finally came, and I was so excited to get into this game. When midnight rolled around and the game unlocked I was straight in there and played until 4 in the morning. This morning, just three days later, I’ve completed the story. And I’m in the process of getting a Platinum trophy. So … More Kingdom Hearts III

A Year in Gaming: 10-1

It’s the final countdown! These are the games I enjoyed the most, with a mixture of nostalgia, awe and pure fun driving them deep into my heart. Without further ado, here we go and all that. A DISCLAIMER: I wrote this on half a bottle of prosecco. Jump backwards to the start. Jump backwards to 20-11. #10 The … More A Year in Gaming: 10-1

A Year in Gaming: 50-41

More than halfway through now, I think I might get this done by Christmas! We’re getting into the really great games now, from my point of view. Games that I either adored, or spent a ton of time playing. Usually both. #50 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Nintendo Switch, 2017) Full of Biblical and popular culture references, the Binding … More A Year in Gaming: 50-41