Tastemaker – Early Access Review

Simulation fans rejoice! A new kid is coming to the block and it seems like it could genuinely turn out to be the restaurant sim that we’ve all been waiting for. Tastemaker was released on Steam’s Early Access platform and while many see such purchases as a trap, I have no problem in dropping a … More Tastemaker – Early Access Review

Retrospection: So you wanna be a Dungeon Keeper?

Well fantastic. Because as we learned on June 26th 1997, It’s Good to Be Bad. Dungeon Keeper is a videogame originally released for the MS-DOS and Windows 95 and it’s still one of the tightest, most strategically satisfying experiences to date. There is something so charming, so viscerally gripping about the game that I can … More Retrospection: So you wanna be a Dungeon Keeper?

A Year in Gaming: 10-1

It’s the final countdown! These are the games I enjoyed the most, with a mixture of nostalgia, awe and pure fun driving them deep into my heart. Without further ado, here we go and all that. A DISCLAIMER: I wrote this on half a bottle of prosecco. Jump backwards to the start. Jump backwards to 20-11. #10 The … More A Year in Gaming: 10-1

A Year in Gaming: 30-21

We have some super classic games here folks, hope you agree with me that they’re pretty awesome. #30 Chrono Cross (Playstation, 1999) Kicking it off with the fantastic sequel to the mind-bogglingly popular Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross brings us some of my favourite things in an RPG: Impossibly huge and varied cast, gorgeous visuals, more … More A Year in Gaming: 30-21

A Year in Gaming: 50-41

More than halfway through now, I think I might get this done by Christmas! We’re getting into the really great games now, from my point of view. Games that I either adored, or spent a ton of time playing. Usually both. #50 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Nintendo Switch, 2017) Full of Biblical and popular culture references, the Binding … More A Year in Gaming: 50-41

Megaquarium: Review

Anyone who knows me well knows that there are two things I love above all else: tycoon strategy games and marine biology. When I first saw Megaquarium featured on some “Upcoming Tycoon Games of 2018” I was very excited and I added it quickly to my wishlist on Steam so I’d never forget about it. Not that … More Megaquarium: Review

Two Point Hospital: The New Addictive Substance

Two Point Hospital is the debut title from Two Point Studios, a team built from ex-Bullfrog, Lionhead and Muckyfoot employees. Three names that will be known to anyone who has played Dungeon Keeper, Black and White, Startopia, and most relevant of all: Theme Hospital. Theme Hospital (1997) is one of those games that was very … More Two Point Hospital: The New Addictive Substance