Retrospection: So you wanna be a Dungeon Keeper?

Well fantastic. Because as we learned on June 26th 1997, It’s Good to Be Bad. Dungeon Keeper is a videogame originally released for the MS-DOS and Windows 95 and it’s still one of the tightest, most strategically satisfying experiences to date. There is something so charming, so viscerally gripping about the game that I can … More Retrospection: So you wanna be a Dungeon Keeper?

A Year in Gaming: 10-1

It’s the final countdown! These are the games I enjoyed the most, with a mixture of nostalgia, awe and pure fun driving them deep into my heart. Without further ado, here we go and all that. A DISCLAIMER: I wrote this on half a bottle of prosecco. Jump backwards to the start. Jump backwards to 20-11. #10 The … More A Year in Gaming: 10-1

A Year in Gaming: 30-21

We have some super classic games here folks, hope you agree with me that they’re pretty awesome. #30 Chrono Cross (Playstation, 1999) Kicking it off with the fantastic sequel to the mind-bogglingly popular Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross brings us some of my favourite things in an RPG: Impossibly huge and varied cast, gorgeous visuals, more … More A Year in Gaming: 30-21

A Year in Gaming: 50-41

More than halfway through now, I think I might get this done by Christmas! We’re getting into the really great games now, from my point of view. Games that I either adored, or spent a ton of time playing. Usually both. #50 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Nintendo Switch, 2017) Full of Biblical and popular culture references, the Binding … More A Year in Gaming: 50-41

Megaquarium: Review

Anyone who knows me well knows that there are two things I love above all else: tycoon strategy games and marine biology. When I first saw Megaquarium featured on some “Upcoming Tycoon Games of 2018” I was very excited and I added it quickly to my wishlist on Steam so I’d never forget about it. Not that … More Megaquarium: Review

Two Point Hospital: The New Addictive Substance

Two Point Hospital is the debut title from Two Point Studios, a team built from ex-Bullfrog, Lionhead and Muckyfoot employees. Three names that will be known to anyone who has played Dungeon Keeper, Black and White, Startopia, and most relevant of all: Theme Hospital. Theme Hospital (1997) is one of those games that was very … More Two Point Hospital: The New Addictive Substance